Week 01 – Secret

January 01 2017. How convenient the first day of 2017 starts on a Sunday. I used watchout4snakes.com to randomly generate a word to function as a theme. The word of the week being “Secret”.

Secret document
Secret document

Sounds easy enough.

Initial photographic thoughts:

  • shooting mid day (shadow on people’s faces)
  • person whispering on someone’s ear
  • a shusher
  • person hiding
  • shooting through a veil/screen

Tried these initial ideas around Fremantle markets and the cappucino strip with mixed results. I used my newly acquired Ricoh GR in the markets, as it is small and stealthy. I find my shooting style with the Ricoh is much more intimate. I get super close to subjects. It’s size and compactness allows me to get away with a closer proximity to people without them really noticing. Oh and its super silent too. Might do a review of my experience in the future.



Super close to this man when taking his portrait as I walked by.

I also brought my sony a6000 with a 20mm lens (approx equivalent 28mm with the crop sensor) as a back up. I ended up switching to the a6000 when I lost one battery bar of the ricoh to try and conserve it for later use. Funnily enough I ended up shooting the a6000 for the rest of the day. I really enjoyed framing using the EVF and didn’t mind the loud sound of the shutter(one of the things I hate about the camera besides the evf lag when switching from the lcd). I was quite surprised on how many keepers I got on this day. But maybe I was just in a good mood.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

One of the shots I felt worked well. Non descript.

In the end I just shot what i wanted, moments, colour , expressions and that golden light. I have a feeling the whole word idea will end up being post justified as this project moves along. I managed to get photos I am happy with however not all of them do not fit with this week’s theme. My favourite being one I took while in a car passing by. A complete gift from the Universe/photo gods.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

The photo gods smiled at me today.



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