Week 22/52 “Crash” – Selections

Small pickings again this week. Damn this short winter light.

Left behind

Stretching the term too with the selections.


Considered vandalism, within the confines of the AUSSIE letters.

Within the letters

But to me its the glasses of this old man which takes the cake. A party crasher like no other.


22/52 – “Crash”

The theme generated by the handy random word generator for this week 22 is “Crash”

I don’t necessarily want to hunt for car crashes but that was the first thing that popped in my head.

Culture crash/clash perhaps? A juxtaposition but with one element more out of place than the other. So far I have shot one which I think fits in the theme.

Pigeon crash?

A damaged car could count i guess. Lots of ideas flowing, now just need some shooting.

Note: Feature photo above was taken in the Philippines in 2013 after one of the big typhoons hit the country. I doubt I’ll get something like that here in Perth.