Week 25/52 “Reluctance” – Selections

Week 25 theme for this week was “Reluctance” Sorry for not posting the word before it was due but life happened. Featured image just sums up reluctance for me. Seeing police on horseback causing our bus to wait. One of those strange days whilst out and about.

No Dog Meat

Rest assured i fit in photography during my lunch break for the project hehe.

Building part recycling

I did not shoot as much this week but glad I could find some relevant images for the theme. I wasn’t really searching this week, more just shooting. Luckily post justifcation worked!


Week 24/52 “Bracket” – Selections

Shots from last week’s theme (Bracket)

Busker between Bon Scott

Enjoyed shooting it last Saturday as I managed to take out the bike i recently got and just cycled around Fremantle.

Groups of people and Seagulls

Amazing how much more time you gain by cycling vs walking.

Road order

I was pretty sore when I got back home though as I haven’t ridden a bike in years.

A migration

Week 10/52 “Open Theme” – Selection

Selection for week 10/52 Open theme. I cant think of anything more uncomfortable than lying down on a bunch or sharp rocks. The legs on the top right hand side was a bonus 🙂

B sides below!


Shadow discourse
unnamed (7)
Drive home
DSC00366 - Copy




Week 09 – Soft

Dropped the ball this week! One day to go. I thought I posted the theme of this week. I used a random word generator once again and got “Soft”.

I have been playing with shooting wide open and ofcourse shooting in “soft” morning and afternoon light.

Last chance tomorrow to get something. I am hoping a comic con event might give some interesting images.


Week 04/52 “Australia Day”-Selection

Week 04 is now finished. Man its going pretty damn quick!  Shots were all taken from the Australia Day Skyworks celebrations in Perth. The usual fireworks were cancelled due to a plane crashing into the Swan River whilst doing tricks. A sudden sad turn of events,It will not be rescheduled this year.

B sides below which were mostly portraits. I think I may start an ongoing series on Australia Day.

Green & Gold family – Perth 2017
Aussie Blue Men – Perth 2017
Hair Flags – Perth 2017

Week 03/52 “Insertion” – Selection

Pick for this week above. Although I explored “insertion” as engaging and interacting with the subject and making their portrait, I did not like this approach as it wasn’t evident at first glance without the justification/spiel.

Alvin – Perth 2017

Alternatively, I went and searched for people in the process of inserting something. A straight to the point approach.

A disappearing finger – Perth 2017
Parking ticket – Northbridge 2017

In the end, I went with  inserting my self/shadow into the image. At least this way I was physically inserting my presence in the image, not just by the approach to create a portrait.

Skater, shadows and mural – Northbridge 2017

The image I chose for the week was the juxtaposition of the mannequin and lady’s arms to portray the insertion. I also like that my shadow is visible in this image.

Week 03 – Insertion

The theme randomly word generated for this week is “Insertion”.I went out looking for some photos for today’s blog post and considered insertion conceptually, ie, as a person or an idea that can influence/affect/engage with another person.

I thought about how as street photographers we have the choice to engage with people. In the past I avoided this, but I am finding recently I have been talking more to people and getting abit of their story. It does get awkward sometimes and I think to myself I could have asked better questions. Questions which are related to what made me interested in them. Something to be mindful of for the next time.

Asking for a self portrait is an act of inserting one self to the street scene, much like a photojournalist documenting a story. Rather than an observer trying to capture the moment, you become a participant.

Philip – Perth

The first person I engaged with this week is Philip.  He moved to Perth in the 90s from a town near Kalgoorlie, some 200km away. He talks to people in the CBD about Jesus and Christianity.

Handshake – Perth 2017

When I introduced my self to him, he grabbed my hand and told me Jesus loved me, along with a choreographed hand shake related with his statement. I found him really calm, friendly and easy going.

Jesus Loves You – Perth 2017

That’s his bike that uses to get around. When I took this image, I saw the man with the sign about to walk past and quickly framed the bike as a foreground element.

Ideally, I should follow this story through if I can. Hopefully I can meet him again or his friend holding the sign this week.

The difficulty will be selecting the single image with this story approach… But that’s something to worry about at the end of this week.